How To Grow A Business | Self Development Theory By Business143

Normal concept of business ideas for beginners.

Mostly, when you think how to grow a business then you must read it’s condition , plan budget, time criteria, trends , deeply study and research about it . Every thing you can check , read and discuss with your field experts. But unfortunately, after some time you can close your business and looking to start a new one.If you face same problem again and again then you must need to follow these steps .

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How to grow a Business and improve yourself with 5 Step chain?

Everyone want to change this world but it is not possible until you cannot improve yourself .First improve your self and then you can seen your business results automatically grow. How is it possible i can share you everything with example but now seen this 5 Step chart.

Concept of Growing Your Business with the help of self development theroy.


This is basic theory of sociology.

1. Thoughts:

Change your imagination/thoughts and think always positive. Look everything with new point of view and try to learn any lesson.

2. Concept:

Once your thoughts is changed , then your concept automatically clear .

3. Behavior:

When your Concept is clear then you can seen a new change in your attitude and wanna do some thing . Like a new hope of motivation.

4. Action:

After Change Behavior your do some positive action in your life and change your life style .

5. Results:

When you follow these 4 steps one by one with same sequence then you can seen your progress results automatically changed.

For Example:

These Steps is a circle like   seeds>>>>Fruit.

Now Honestly tell, it is possible you cannot sowing seed and your fruit is ready. I know it’s impossible but it is also impossible if you sowing seed of positive and your fruit is negative.

Did you find great strategy of your own business after read it ? What are the exciting ideas in your mind about it.

Let us know in the comments.


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